About Us

  • Spidertech began as a result of a violent robbery & shooting.
  • Mike ( CEO ) was unfortunately a victim of a robbery were he was shot 3 times in the stomach and twice in the leg. Doctor’s were convinced he was not going to make it.  Thankfully he did but with a long road ahead of him. He spent 2 ½ years in hospital and a further 3 yrs in recovery at home. Obviously traumatized Mike was in a constant state of panic.  Before the shooting he was one of those that claimed “It will never happen to me”.  He had no Electric fencing, Alarm system etc. to speak of.  Although the shooting never occurred at home he heard numerous stories from people and in letters of similar incidents occurring in people’s homes.  He realized his family was vulnerable and started looking for ways to secure his home.
  • Being personally affected by crime, Mike had gained a heightened understanding of the impact crime can have on a family and Business.
  • The insights gained focus on the trauma and financial burden that crime imposes on people which gave Mike the objective to start a business that focuses on providing sound guidance & expert implementation of quality services & security systems.