Access Control Systems



What is Access control?

Access control is a way of limiting access to a specific area,

Access control systems:

Eg: Intercoms

Bio-metric  Readers

Magnetic/ Electronic Locks

Boom Gates

An electronic access control system offers several advantages over locks & keys.

There are many systems available which can be tailor made to suit your needs either for home or business use.


Your basic access control systems such as your Intercom systems allow you to know who is at your property before allowing them access, and it saves you from having to also walk out and unlock the gate to let someone in.

We offer a variety of systems depending on what your needs are, from your basic 1:1 system which is commonly used for residential purposes, to your more advanced cellular Intercom system which is used for Town house complexes and Businesses.

Intercoms have become so advanced that they offer the user, management and administration capabilities, which is imperitive for safety, security and convenience.


Bio-metric readers

This type of access control is commonly used in Businesses,  it’s basic function is entry and exit, however it can also be used to identify personnel for authorized entry and can also be integrated to the companies time and attendance for payroll purposes.

These type of systems can be either a Keypad, or card readers or Bio-metric readers.

Bio-metric recognition or Bio-metric authentication means an automated system of verifying a person through their finger, hand or eye.

You can now eliminate password headaches.

Time and attendance-  Today’s Bio-metric readers make it easy for Businesses to allow/deny access to personnel. With crime being a constant threat it serves as a perfect security solution to any business.

It also captures accurate time and attendance of each employee, with the integrated software it helps to cut down on admin time and increase productivity.  No more OLD clocking systems. These systems have become a “MUST” for Businesses.